Shape Shift with X

Move with Arrow Keys

Red Ray can punch enemies so hard that they turn into cacti, if you time it right.

Blue Ray can push cacti so that they slide on the ground.

My first Ludum Dare!

After the first day I switched from an action game to more of a puzzle game + redid all the graphics, so it's all very last minute (I would have loved to have been able to make some more levels and mechanics). It still shows the concept successfully I think and has some solid basic mechanics in place.

You can warp between any of the 5 levels by pressing their respective number on the keyboard.

The source code is pretty atrocious due to switching the gameplay mid-Jam as well as learning how Unity does certain stuff and hacking around a lot of bugs that I didn't have time to fix in a good way.

Made using:

* Unity 5

* PyxelEdit

* Tiled

Made withUnity

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