Move with Arrow keys or WASD Attack with Space


Theme was "The more you have, the worse it is". I didn't follow it super literally, but basically it is a bunch of interconnected levels where you try to get as good of a score as possible on each one by collecting fruit.

Killing enemies makes fruit disappear, so to have MORE fruit you have to move around a bunch of enemies to get a good score. Also the more you have explored, the worse it is? I dunno I mainly wanted to make a NES Zelda style game on a cool island.

To advance to the next screen you need to kill all the (killable) enemies in one screen - after doing this once this level is open forever though.

Best scores + how far you have advanced is saved between sessions.

Tools used: * Unity * Bitwig + SH-01A Synth (plus a Korg Arp Odyssey for the background wave sounds... pretty stupid use of it!)

* MagicaVoxel

* PyxelEdit

* Tiled

Made withUnity

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